Scream Vocals in Music

Let’s face it: A lot of the music I listen to features vocals in the form of screaming. However, I do not like cookie monster screaming. Is it a sign of my age that I like one and not the other. Example: If someone in their sixties said “Oh! This song has screaming! LOL!” when hearing my radio, am I now the new version of that person when I object to cookie monster vocals or is that truly just bad music?

The Enterprise NCC-1701-B

In the past, I’ve spent a bit of time wondering why an Excelsior model was used for the 1701-B. I thought it was a budget thing, but it never felt like the Enterprise to me. But today I realized something I hadn’t considered. The six Enterprises versions were on the wall of the 1701-D’s observation lounge. That TNG set with its starship wall feature was built several years before the Enterprise B made its first and only appearance in Generations in 1994. Whoever designed that wall feature must have arbitrarily used an Excelsior Class design – most likely because there weren’t a lot of other options available in 1987.