Reckless Spread of Falsehoods

Please try to understand what you’re reposting and why you’re reposting it. It’s your responsibility not to propagate rumors, misinformation, disinformation (learn the difference), and lies. Even if it means pointing out that something which paints your opponent in a bad light is false, it’s important that you do so (or at the very least don’t repost it).

A great example is my insisting that there is no evidence whatsoever that Jewish skins were ever fashioned into lampshades. Stating this might, at first, put me at risk of appearing to be a holocaust denier. I’m not. I know the holocaust occurred and was probably worse than we’ll ever know. But I have a strong interest in the truth, so I will point out that it hasn’t been proven that this particular act of cruelty and hate ever happened.

It was said over and over in the last election that there was an old magazine article in which Trump said if he ever ran for president, he’d run as a Republican because Republicans are stupid. I would yell this story from the highest point to anyone who would listen – if it were true. No one has ever produced this article. It didn’t happen.

Please be responsible.

Black Lives Matter

P.S. Like many of you, I’ve removed some Facebook friends who say “All Lives Matter”. I’m not going to take the time to try to educate them. It’s a fruitless endeavor.

Teacher Appreciation Week

In 1993, my 9th grade Biology teacher deliberately and openly skipped chapter 13 – the chapter on evolution. Education is my number one issue in this country. I appreciate teachers who value children and care about learning. I believe these are rare traits. If we paid teachers what teachers should be paid, maybe we would have more science teachers who actually respected scientific fact. Pay teachers better. Reward excellence with impressive salaries and weed out the willfully ignorant and shockingly lazy so-called educators. Everything in American lives would begin to improve. I promise.