Massoud | 9/9/01

Ahmad Shah Massoud

Twenty years ago today:I almost never hear about this story in the press since the day this story first aired. I’ve posted about it around the 9/11 anniversary in the past because I find it interesting. On my way to work on 9/11/2001, I was listening to NPR’s story about this man’s assassination, but no one had any idea of the significance of his murder two days before the attacks. Two days before 9/11, an Al-Qaeda suicide squad posing as journalists sat down for an interview with Ahmad Shah Massoud, the last major commander resisting the jihadist group’s Taliban allies in northern Afghanistan.


Best Friends | 15 Years

I have a close friend who is inconceivably special to me. If you knew everything she has done for me in the past 15 years, you’d probably be astonished. I love her very much, and there is no way I can repay her for her kindness, generosity, and selflessness. She knows who she is. Thank you for everything.

Please accept my apologies for cropping out the fabulous Hansel von Quenzer and LaDonna.

My Bikes

I now have TWO bikes. I’ve had my MirraCo BMX for 10 or 11 years, and this week I got my new Schwinn mountain bike. I’m excited about making a habit of riding it in order to get into better shape.

MirraCo Signature BMX Bike
Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike

Landing Page Relaunch

My site at my old URL got hacked. I fixed it, but Facebook won’t accept that it’s no longer risky. After countless attempts to reach FB support without results, I gave up. I’m now launching to replace I use this site as an occasional blog and as a landing page to direct people to my presence on all of my other sites and social media. At least throwing together simple websites is kind of fun for me!

Old Site Compromised

I believe I have maintained this site since about 2010. In December, some of the files were infected via some kind of common malware and all pages started redirected to some sites that appeared to be in Russian. I wiped all of the contents and started over. I’m unsure if I’ll be able to recover any of my old posts.