Correcting the Spelling and Grammar of Others

Check out this tweet from about a year ago…

I barely graduated high school in NORTH TEXAS where the academic focus in public schools is near-pathetic. I earn significantly less than a lot of my peers. My expectations for other native English speakers are hardly class-based.

(There/their/they’re and to/too/two? Not to mention lose versus loose and YA’LL. Come on.)

Regarding the accusation that correcting the spelling or grammar of others because of race: wow… just wow. I think this claim says a lot more about the Twitter poster than it does about me. I have never seen someone correct another based on race. Accidentally implying that we should expect members of some races to have poor language skills is borderline racist itself. Also, I’m not sure she understands the definition of the term “race”.  

The third adjective she used is “ableist”. I agree that it would be cruel to call someone out if it is suspected that they have a disability that could affect their language skills, but I don’t do that.

Finally, regarding her remark about “actual linguists” … give me a break. No one is trying to be a linguist. I simply like knowing rules and occasionally pick fun at those who CAN and SHOULD know better but have no interest in trying. Feel free to pick apart my spelling and grammar. I’m sure I have made mistakes here that I don’t recognize but should. I admit that all of this could make me a picky jerk, though.

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